Department Scholarships

Approximately fifteen $1000 Animal Science Scholarships are awarded annually. Scholarship recipients are selected in early February, but funds are not awarded until the following school year through the student’s account. Students who are anticipating graduating prior to the next fall semester are not eligible. 

  • Bele Scholarship
  • Richard Bonde Scholarship
  • Charles Christians Scholarship
  • M. E. Ensminger Scholarship 
  • Richard Goodrich Scholarship 
  • Robert M. Jordan Scholarship
  • Donald Otterby Scholarship 
  • Wilson G. Pond Scholarship
  • Robert Touchberry Scholarship 
  • Leonard Wulf Scholarship 

Download a 1-page application (.pdf) or pick up an application from a faculty advisor. Applications are due in early February of each year.

Minimum qualifications for scholarship consideration:

  1. Must be a current student in CFANS.
  2. Must have completed at least 15 credits while enrolled in CFANS.
  3. Must have completed at least 40 total credits.
  4. Must be majoring or minoring in Animal Science.
  5. Must have completed at least 12 credits in ANSC designated courses.
  6. Must be a member of Block & Bridle Club, Gopher Dairy Club, Pre-Vet Club, Gopher Poultry Science Club, Companion Animal Nutrition Club or the Equestrian Team/Club; or be a member of an Animal Science Judging, Dairy Challenge or Academic Quadrathlon team.
  7. U of M GPA must be 2.80 or greater.

For additional information about our undergraduate programs, please contact Tony Seykora at 612-624-3448 or

CFANS Academic Year Scholarships

The College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences offers scholarships for incoming freshmen and upperclassmen