U of MN Extension Programs

Animal Science Extension specialists deliver current applied and research-based information to livestock producers, horse owners, industry professionals, and others through a variety of methods and collaborations.

The University of Minnesota Extension provides practical education and research to help businesses, communities, consumers, youth, and others solve problems, develop skills, expand knowledge, and work toward building a better future. The University of Minnesota Extension website features information on a variety of topics in agriculture, community, environment, family, food, garden, and youth development.

Beef Extension

The Extension Beef Team is dedicated to providing research-based information in the areas of reproduction, nutrition, pasture management, beef quality and more to Minnesota beef producers for practical applications. A number of educational programs are offered throughout the year and a variety of resources are available online. Visit Beef Extension. Follow the Beef Team on Facebook.

Dairy Extension

The Extension Dairy Team communicates research-based information and provides the tools to help dairy producers make sustainable and profitable decisions. The Dairy Extension Team delivers education programs and provides online resources for producers and industry professionals addressing current topics in several areas of dairy production and dairy business. Dairy diagnostic team professionals use the Dairy Diagnostics Toolbox to help with the analysis of a dairy farm business. Visit Dairy Extension for information on dairy business and dairy production topics. Follow the Dairy Team on Facebook.

Horse Extension

Horse Extension programs provide unbiased, research-based education for horse owners addressing issues on horse health, nutrition, facility management, genetics, and more. The Horse Team offers regional horse owner programs, field days, quarterly webinars, and more. Visit Horse Extension and horse science college programs. Watch Equine Program Videos on YouTube. Follow Equine Extension Programs on Facebook.

Meat Science Extension

Using a farm-to-fork approach, Meat Science Extension programs focus on adding value, quality, and safety to our meat supply. Workshops and publications provide relevant scientific information to livestock producers, meat processors, consumers, and youth. The Dairy and Meat Salesroom in the Andrew Boss Laboratory of Meat Science (ABLMS) on the St. Paul Campus has fresh and processed meat products available for purchase. The salesroom is open to the public on Wednesdays, 2:00-5:00 p.m. Check out the Meat Science Laboratory for more information about products. Visit Meat Science Extension. Follow U of M Meat Science on Facebook.

Poultry Extension

Poultry Extension specialists and collaborators communicate up-to-date applied and research-based information aimed at helping poultry producers improve management techniques, reduce disease in poultry, develop new products, find new markets, and increase profits. Find information on all aspects of the poultry industry on Poultry U. The basics for small-scale or backyard producers can be found on Small Farms Poultry. Please also visit Poultry Production and Health Extension.

Swine Extension

Swine Extension is a source of research-based information for swine producers, pork processors, and consumers. The Swine Extension Team offers numerous education opportunities on improving the performance, health and welfare of pigs while enhancing economic, environmental and social sustainability of pork production. Swine Extension faculty often collaborate with other universities and organizations on topics such as nutrition, facilities, animal welfare and manure management. Visit the Swine Extension page.

Sheep Extension

Lamb is trending on home and restaurant menus, from lamb curry and burgers to herb-crusted bone-in chops. Local lamb is better than ever, and the improvements are no accident. Travis Hoffman, who has a joint position with University of Minnesota Extension and North Dakota State University Extension, concentrates on ways to improve meat quality. “There are many changes people can make in selection, breeding, nutrition and processing,” Hoffman says. Visit the Sheep Extension page.