Graduate Seminars

Spring 2022 Graduate Seminars

Mondays - 3:00-4:00

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  • January 24th

 Introductions, Andres Gomez, coordinator

  • January 31st

Dhananjai M Prabhakaran (Anup Johnny): Investigating probiotic approaches against Salmonella infantis

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  • February 7th

Caitlin Klaeui (Milena Saqui-Salces): Analysis of the correlation between average daily feed intake and gut morphology in nursery pigs: a review

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  • February 14th

Marcio Goncalves, CEO and founder Swine IT (Links to an external site.).

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  • February 21st

Katie Hochmuth (Alfredo DiCostanzo): The effects of NDF content and source on beef cattle performance (Tentative)

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  • February 28th

Jim Salfer, Regional Extension Educator (Links to an external site.), University of Minnesota. 

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  • March 14th

Patrice Bailey, Assistant commissioner (Links to an external site.), Minnesota Department of Agriculture  CANCELLED. WILL BE RESCHEDULED.


  • March 21st

Emily Jacobson (Isaac Salfer): Determining the effect of Circadian rhythms on the rumen microbiome in dairy cattle 


  • March 28th

Karen Luchterhand, Ruminant Technical Service Manager (Links to an external site.), Novus


  • April 4th

Luciano Caixeta, Assistant Professor, Links to an external site
 Department of Veterinary Population Medicine (VPM), University of Minnesota


  • April 11th

Sabrina Portner (Bradley Heins): Cull cow carcass value and reasons for culling of Holstein, ProCross and Grazecross cows


  • April 18th

Kelsey Hammers (Lee Johnston): The effect of gestational zinc supplementation timing on maternal and offspring performance and biological characteristics 


  • April 25th:

Miguel Suazo (Isaac Salfer): Effects of Branched-chain Volatile Fatty Acids (Iso-acids) on Microbial Yield and Efficiency of Energy and Nitrogen Utilization 


  • May 2nd

Closing, Andres Gomez