Graduate Seminars

Fall 2021 Graduate Seminars

Mondays - 3:00-4:00
365 Haecker Hall

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Date  Speaker Guest name Seminar title
Sep 13 Dr. Andres Gomez-Intro   Introduction
Sep 20 Godson Aryee   Mechanisms Behind Decline in Fertility of Aging Turkey Breeders: The Role of Steroid hormones
Sep 27 Guest speaker  Dr. Joe Miller Phileo by Lesaffre – Acting with Nature for Animal Care
Oct 4 Bianca Goncalves Da Costa    Pre-weaned calf rearing options for organic dairy producers
Oct 11 Guest speaker  Dr. Heidi Roop Engaging in Effective Climate Change Conversations
Oct 18 Amber Brink   Effect of Holstein milk yield genotype on ex-vivo innate immune response to LPS and LTA
Oct 25 Guest speaker  Dr. Ein Cortus Navigating Science and Communication Aspects of Sustainable Livestock Production
Nov 1 Guest speaker  Dr. Garrett Steede Scientific Controversy and Public Opinion of Animal Agriculture
Nov 8 Leticia Dourado Clemente  Dr. Bradley Heins Evaluation of pasture biomass with satellite imagery
Nov 15 Kevin Kamau   The impact of season on daily rhythms of body temperature, milk yield, and milk components
Nov 22 Madi Bacon   Effects of salix extract to reduce pain in disbudded dairy calves
Nov 29 Guest speaker  Dr. Beth ventura How to communicate about animal welfare
Dec 6 Kayla Law    
Dec 13 Dr. Andres Gomez   Closing