Graduate Seminars

Fall 2022 Graduate Seminars

Mondays - 3:00-4:00
Haecker 365

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Fall 2022 Schedule 


  • September 12th

 Introductions, Andres Gomez


  • September 19th

Sara Nyusten, PhD (Guest Speaker) - Academic Technologist, CFANS, University of Minnesota

Effective presentation skills



  • September 26th

Brian Sostek (Guest Speaker) - Teaching Specialist,Links to an external site. University of Minnesota

Effective presentation skills



  • October 3rd

Patrice Bailey (Guest Speaker)
Assistant commissioner
Minnesota Department of Agriculture 



  • October 10th

Brian Sostek (Guest Speaker)
Teaching Specialist
University of Minnesota

Effective presentation skills


  • October 17th

No seminar (Science in seconds)


  • October 24h

Morgan Quillen (Johnson-Johny)



  • October 31st

Yvonne Peng (Saqui-Salces)

Dietary IGF-1 in swine nutrition


  • November 7th 

Kristy Dorton, PhD (Guest Speaker)
Poultry and Ruminant Research Manager, Devenish Nutrition  


  • November 14th

Cainan Florentino (Caixeta)

Does rumination behavior in the first week postpartum modify the association between beta-hydroxybutyrate and early lactation milk yield?


  • November 21st 

Madi Bacon (Heins)

Assessing Qualitative Behavior of Dairy Calves


  • November 28th 

Katie Hochmuth (Diconsatnzo)

Growth-promoting technologies for feedlot cattle


  • December 5th:

Katie Stumvoll (Johny)

Modeling LPAI transmission and assessing intervention strategies


  • December 12th

A) Bianca Costa (Endres, Heins)

    Cow-calf contact in Dairy production systems. Opportunities and challenges.

B) Kathryn Bosley (Heins, Hansen)

     Fatty acid profiles of Holstein and ProCROSS cows