Animal Production Research

Animal production research in the Department of Animal Science focuses on improving livestock production systems, management practices, animal health and welfare, and food quality and safety. Animal production research topics include:

  • Organic dairy production
  • Precision dairy technologies including robotic milking, automated calf feeders and cow behavior sensors
  • Transition dairy cow health, management and welfare
  • Cow-calf and beef feedlot management
  • Pre- and/or post-weaning management practices that enhance meat quality and safety
  • Automated monitoring of behavioral indicators of swine welfare
  • Reducing piglet mortality in alternative farrowing systems
  • Statistical process control principles in dairy and swine
  • Sustainable poultry production
  • Management, health and stress interactions in market turkeys
  • Decision making processes for evaluating management at the farm level for options across all species with implications to environmental impact and food quality/safety