Animal Science Funds

Please take a moment to look through the list of giving possibilities below. If you see a fund to which you are compelled to donate, make note of the fund name or number for use at the University of Minnesota Foundation Giving site where you can select from an abbreviated list of Animal Science funds or enter a fund number (or indicate what you'd like to support) in the "Other" box. 

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Fund Name Fund Number Purpose
Animal Science Research 2592 Contributions/gifts from industry or individual donors (often alumni) in support of general research areas within the Department of Animal Science.
Animal Science Service 2907 For general needs to strengthen and further meet the goals and objectives of the Department of Animal Science.
Babcock Swine Fellowship 2946 To support CFANS Animal Science graduate students in swine studies.
Frank A. Bele Memorial Scholarship 3318 To support undergraduate students studying Animal Science with preference given to those in dairy husbandry.
Richard Bonde Scholarship 3320 To support undergraduate students studying Animal Science.
Charles Christians Scholarship 5461 To provide scholarships to undergraduate students interested in studying livestock, particularly those participating in the livestock judging program.
John D. Donker Graduate Award 5338 To provide an award to a graduate student with preference for those studying dairy science in the Department of Animal Science
Dr. M.E. Ensminger Scholarship 2683 To provide support for the continued education of a junior, senior or graduate student majoring in Animal Science.
Richard D. Goodrich Research & Education 4235 To provide vital support for research and education by providing teaching and research funds.
Robert J. Hartle Research Fellowship Fund 7640 To support graduate students conducting research in Animal Science. The recipient(s) shall be known as the Robert J. Hartle Fellow(s).
J.D. Hawton Animal Evaluation & Teaching 2583 To provide support for the general livestock judging team and coach.
IMV International Corporation/Bo & Margareta Crabo Fellowship 1097 To provide fellowships for graduate students pursuing careers in reproductive physiology or reproduction in any species, including humans.
Lori Jones Scholarship 1434 To provide support for undergraduate students enrolling in CFANS who show academic promise.
Robert M. Jordan Scholarship 3059 Scholarship for undergraduate education to recognize outstanding students in the field of sheep production.
William and Trula Kersten Memorial 2907 Provides a scholarship for an undergraduate student specializing in the field of dairy.
Midwest Dairy Association   Provides funds for undergraduate students in the Department of Animal Science studying dairy science.
Midwest Dairy Consortium 1145 To support increased collaboration among the Midwest university dairy science programs with the goal of revitalizing and growing the dairy industry in the Midwestern U.S.
Minnesota Royal 8142 To support Minnesota Royal, the annual student-led event at the University of Minnesota. This event is a tradition that began as "Ag Royal" in 1916. The tradition is still strong on the St. Paul Campus today. The week-long celebration offers opportunities to participate in events that promote and test skills and knowledge in the area of agriculture. Minnesota Royal is for everyone including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the surrounding community.
W.E. Petersen Memorial 5684 Funds the biennial Department of Animal Science dairy-related symposia.
Pomeroy Award 4998 To provide awards for graduate students studying avian health in the Department of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.
Pomeroy CFANS Avian Health Award 5018 To provide an award for meritorious work to a graduate student in Animal Science who is studying poultry and working on prevention poultry medicine or practice, or general avian health issues.
Wilson G. Pond 2752 To support undergraduate students in the Department of Animal Science.
Ralco Nutrition Graduate Assistantship   To support an annual renewable research assistantship for graduate students in the Department of Animal Science.
Tony & Rel Seykora Scholarship 7930 To provide support for undergraduate students enrolling in CFANS who show academic promise.
Robert N. & Gladys M. Shoffner Scholarship in Avian Genetics 2241 To provide annual awards to graduate students in avian genetics.
Robert W. Touchberry Scholarship 4791 To provide support and to encourage determination and motivation to a rising senior who has successfully completed three years and wishes to continue studying in the Department of Animal Science.
Leonard Wulf Scholarship 6527 To provide an annual long-term scholarship to a deserving undergraduate student(s) majoring in Animal Science and/or Meat Science with their main interest in livestock.