Animal Science Graduate Club

The Animal Sciences Graduate Club consists of current graduate students in the Department and serves as a networking opportunity and a social environment among graduate students. The Graduate Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about research others are conducting and to create discussions about projects and their experimental designs or statistical analysis. Most importantly, it provides opportunities to socialize — whether it's a BBQ at lunch or a Twin's game after work. Graduate students conduct tours of the animal barns on campus to generate funds for social activities. 

Animal Facilities Tours
We're now open for Animal Facilities Tours. Please contact the Dairy Barn Tour Coordinator, Kathryn Bosley ( to schedule group tours of the St. Paul farm campus.

Animal Science Department Clothing Available for Purchase!
The Animal Sciences Graduate Club is offering for sale Animal Science Department clothing as a fundraiser for the club. Funds from clothing sales will provide the club with more opportunities for social activities and help bring back its community service aspect. Currently the catalog includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, hats, and more. Feel free to suggest additional items. Please submit orders and direct questions to the Fundraising Chair, Claire Peichel (

2022-23 Graduate Student Club Officers

President: Leticia Dourado Clemente (Lela)
Vice President: Caitlin Klaeui
Treasurer: Bianca Goncalves Da Costa
Department Event Planner: Miguel Suazo Medina
Professional Development Chair: Kelsey Hammers
Dairy Barn Tour Coordinator: Kathryn Bosley
Social Co-Chairs: Emily Jacobson/Bianca Goncalves Da Costa
CFANS Graduate Student Board Representatives:
--- Primary: Sudário Roberto Silva Jr
--- Secondary: Emily Jacobson
Council of Graduate Students Representative: Yvonne Peng

Leticia Dourado Clemente (Lela)

2nd year Master Student. I study sustainable/organic dairy production with a focus on digestibility, nutritional value, and methane emissions. Outside of school, I enjoy participating in sports, watching movies, and reading books. I also enjoy traveling and discovering new places. As president, I am responsible for establishing a positive relationship with the group, leading meetings, representing graduate students in the Graduate Studies Committee, maintaining contact with department professionals, and assisting students.

Caitlin Klaeui
2nd year PhD student. My research explores the use of enteroids, or "mini-guts," as in vitro models to characterize L. intracellularis pathogenesis and develop novel treatment methods. When not in school, I enjoy being outdoors - from hiking and camping to exploring Minneapolis and spending time with friends and family. As vice president, I assist the president and other officers with event planning and executing tasks, as well as take notes of every graduate club meeting.

Bianca Goncalves da Costa
Treasurer and Social Co-Chair

2nd year PhD student. I am a veterinarian with a master’s degree in sustainable international agriculture. My research aims to investigate the welfare of dairy calves raised in alternative systems (pair, group, and cow-calf) with a focus on organic farms. I love animals and can`t live without them! I live with my cat Oskar whom I adopted in Germany. Together, Oskar and I already lived in three different countries! I love karaoke, dancing, traveling, and exploring new places and cultures. As a member of the grad club, I plan to work towards transparency on financial operations, and organize nice and fun events!

Miguel Suazo
Department Event Planner

2nd Year Masters Student. My research project investigates the impact of branched chained volatile fatty acids (isoacids) on microbial protein synthesis from dairy cattle. Outside of school, I like to practice sports, read and watch movies. As the Department Event Planner, I am responsible of organizing activities and/or events for graduate students.

Kelsey Hammers
Professional Development Chair

2nd year PhD student. My research focuses on fetal imprinting strategies to improve piglet survivability such as feeding elevated levels of zinc to gestating sows. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, travelling to new places, taking my dog for walks, trap shooting, and reading. As the Professional Development Chair, I organize professional development events to further the student’s professional training to become successful in their future careers as animal scientists.

Sudario Roberto Silva Junior
Graduate Student Board Representative

2nd year Master student.I study swine nutrition, with a focus on evaluating the digestibility of ingredients in nursery diets and sow nutrition strategies to improve survivability in piglets. Outside of school, I like cooking, walking with my dog, reading, and going to social events. As a Graduate Student Board (GSB) representative I serve as a liaison between GSB and the Animal Science Graduate Club and provide feedback and information to each group as necessary

Kathryn Bosley
Dairy Barn Tour Coordinator

1st year Master student. My research focuses on applied dairy cattle genetics. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, cats, and dairy cows. I also enjoy reading, writing, showing cows, and social media content creation. As the Dairy Barn Tour Coordinator, I organize and give tours of the campus dairy farm.

Emily Jacobson
Social Co-Chair and Graduate Student Board Representative

2nd year Master student. My research focus is on ruminant nutrition, with an emphasis in the impact of biological rhythms on nutrition. When I am not in the lab, I enjoy reading, kayaking, spending time with friends, family, and my cat. As one of the social chair co-chairs, I work with Bianca in continuing to cultivate and improve the social community of graduate students within the Animal Science department.

Yvonne Peng
Council of Graduate Students Representative

1st year Master student. I study on pig enteroids and their application in in vitro science investment. I like hiking, cooking, and playing video games :) As a Council of Graduate Students Representative, I represent the graduate students of the department of Animal Science at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.