Animal Science Graduate Club

The Animal Sciences Graduate Club consists of current graduate students in the Department and serves as a networking opportunity and a social environment among graduate students. The Graduate Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about research others are conducting and to create discussions about projects and their experimental designs or statistical analysis. Most importantly, it provides opportunities to socialize — whether it's a BBQ at lunch or a Twin's game after work. Graduate students conduct tours of the animal barns on campus to generate funds for social activities. 

Animal Facilities Tours
We're now open for Animal Facilities Tours. Please contact the Dairy Barn Tour Coordinator, Kathryn Bosley ( to schedule group tours of the St. Paul farm campus.

Animal Science Department Clothing Available for Purchase!
The Animal Sciences Graduate Club is offering for sale Animal Science Department clothing as a fundraiser for the club. Funds from clothing sales will provide the club with more opportunities for social activities and help bring back its community service aspect. Currently the catalog includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, hats, and more. Feel free to suggest additional items. Please submit orders and direct questions to the Fundraising Chair, Yvonne Peng ( .

Graduate Student Club Officers