Gopher Dairy Club Recognizes Dr. Bill Mudge Outstanding Senior and Dylan Fulton Outstanding Rookie Award Recipients

April 02, 2021

Dr. Bill Mudge Outstanding Senior Award Recipient – Katherine Gathje

The Outstanding Senior Award of the Gopher Dairy Club is awarded each year in memory of Dr. Bill Mudge. Dr. Mudge came to the University of Minnesota in 1960 as a State Dairy Extension Specialist. In 1982, Dr. Bill Mudge was a founding co-adviser when the Gopher Dairy Club was formed. Congratulations to Katherine Gathje of Richmond, MN, this year’s winner of the Outstanding Senior Award!

This year’s outstanding senior graduates from the club the same way they started in it, being as involved as they could be in all aspects of the Gopher Dairy Club. Katherine joined the Gopher Dairy Club as a freshman and was a member of the banquet committee, scholarship committee, and promoted dairy at the Moo Lab. Since then, she has been a banquet committee co-chair, alumni committee chair, was a dairy camp counselor, and received leadership awards within the dairy industry and other campus organizations. Katherine has committed much of her time at college to improving and making the Gopher Dairy Club the best that it can be. In a year of uncertainty facing the global pandemic, she has made decisions to lead the club to success despite facing a number of challenges.

When asked how the Gopher Dairy Club has impacted her life, Katherine stated, “Reflecting on the past four years of college, my time in Gopher Dairy Club stands apart from all the others. Undoubtedly my favorite part of the club and how the club has helped me the most is through leadership experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving two years on the executive team and being the chair or co-chair of committees. I enjoy helping others reach their potential, and I feel this club has helped me do that in my time in college.”

Congratulations once more to this year’s recipient of the Dr. Bill Mudge Outstanding Senior Award, Katherine Gathje!

Dylan Fulton Outstanding Rookie Award – Ashley Hagenow

Each year the Gopher Dairy Club recognizes an outstanding sophomore member who has excelled not only in the club, but in the dairy community as well. This year's winner of the Dylan Fulton Outstanding Rookie Award is Ashley Hagenow!

Dylan Fulton passed away in 2018 and always knew how to spread joy to the world. Dylan’s dedication and enthusiasm for the Gopher Dairy Club, along with his willingness to always help others, truly embodied an outstanding person. While Dylan’s time in our club was short, his memory will live on through the Dylan Fulton Outstanding Rookie Award presented annually by the Gopher Dairy Club.

This year’s recipient of the Dylan Fulton Outstanding Rookie Award is from Poynette, WI and has taken an active role in the club serving on multiple committees and is also a very active member in the dairy community as well. Ashley has received numerous scholarships from the National Dairy Shrine as well as a GDC new student scholarship where in the application they stated “I would strive to challenge myself as both a student and dairy industry enthusiast by being a very involved, engaged and passionate member” and we believe Ashley has done just that. Congratulations to Ashley, our Dylan Fulton Outstanding Rookie Award recipient for 2021!