Rielle Swanson Elected President of Council of Graduate Students

April 23, 2021

The role of the president is two-fold: serve as an external spokesperson for COGS in advocating for graduate students and appoint graduate students to various committees of the University. Her roll starts June, 2021

In addition, Rielle has been the Twin Cities graduate student representative to the Board of Regents since June 2020 and a director in COGS. In her role as representative to the Board of Regents, Rielle was asked to represent the graduate student body in the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Search Committee, Graduate Assistant Health Plan Committee, and President's Initiative to Prevent Sexual Misconduct Advisory Committee. Along with 7 other student representatives, Rielle contributed to a 65-page report presented to the Regents at the March 12 meeting in which they discussed the impact of public health at the University of Minnesota, discriminatory policies and institutional racism, and the understanding of student advocacy and the student voice. Congratulations are also in order for her recent election as president of the Animal Science Graduate Club for 2021-2022. Rielle is advised by Dr. Marcia Endres, who is very proud of her accomplishments and contributions to graduate program leadership!